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Software Features

Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Software for Accountants, Solicitors and other regulated firms

The software eases the task of complying with anti money laundering (AML) regulations

IRIS Anti Money Laundering - UK AML software enables accountants, solicitors, and other regulated businesses to perform all aspects of compliance recording and monitoring and includes an AML compliance technical reference manual by SWAT UK Limited.

The software makes it quick and simple for you to ensure that your firm is complying with the AML regulations, providing a very cost effective solution.

Specifically, the software:

Can identify non-compliant clients and help you bring them up to date;

Incorporates a cost-effective electronic verification system, that doesn’t require purchasing a minimum number of checks each year or involve any setup costs;

Connects to Companies House and provides a free ‘mini’ search confirming the name and address of the company;

Enables you to attach existing files or scan paper documents (e.g. copy passports) using your existing scanners;

Allows you to download and search the latest Treasury sanctions list at the click of a button;

Links directly to the Internet allowing you to search the money laundering regulations and guidelines from the key supervisory bodies;

Allows staff to raise a suspicious activity report and helps the MLRO control these reports;

Helps you to track staff training and flags up deficiencies;

Enables you to import client records from your existing databases, thereby speeding up the implementation process and avoiding staff re-keying data;

Can set reminders to review client ID evidence at regular intervals, depending on the level of risk you have set for individual clients.

Comprehensive staff training through the Newswire & Training Modules

The software uses a very simplistic approach to identifying compliance or non-compliance using green ticks, amber bulbs or red crosses, so users can see immediately where work is still required.

IRIS Anti Money Laundering in a nutshell
The software has a range of interactive tools and onscreen functions designed to make complying with the AML regulations in the UK as easy as possible. These features include:

Expert help and "wizards" to show what is required to achieve compliance, including a comprehensive AML compliance technical reference manual

Clear guidance on acceptable customer due diligence options based on the entity type and the risk profile.

All aspects of compliance recording and monitoring including:

   Details of all clients

   Know your client information

   Risk assessment

   The recording of associated persons of all clients together with supporting ID checks

   Your firm’s AML policies and procedures

   Tracking staff training and staff confirmations of money laundering awareness

   Recording suspicions and reporting to the MLRO

   A built-in facility to download and search the regulations and key guidance notes

   An integrated resource to download and search the latest HM Treasury’s Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK

An automatic function that identifies non-compliant areas and highlights the actions required in order to prevent non-compliance.

The ability to scan and save supporting documents within the software or attach existing supporting documents.

Full integration with our PC Share Register Plus software. For more information about this software please visit

Inbuilt electronic ID Checks at competitive rates

Ability to tailor the software and functionality to suit your requirements by choosing industry (Accountants/Tax advisors; Estate agents/surveyors; Solicitors; Other), customising KYC questions, enabling/disabling compliance areas